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About Us

Our Vision

Our school seeks to raise a generation of self- learning students who are receptive to cross- cultures dialogue, capable of effective utilization of modern technology, passionate for long- life learning and sensibly committed to their nation's traditions.                                                            

Our Mission                                                    

To empower our students to become proactive bilingual learners, self- reliant and decision makers in a stimulating multicultural environment, by fostering a comprehensive educational program that persists in continuous inquiry and development to achieve a remarkable progress, locally and globally.                                                                                               

Our Goals

1- Strive for educational excellence and high standards of            student's achievement.   

2- Develop a community where students, parents and                 teachers collaborate as one team, enhancing cooperation       and  responsibility towards others.

3- Encourage creativity by involving students in analytical          thinking: critical thinking, decision making and problem       solving.

4- Provide extra- curricular activities that aid in creating a       positive attitude towards school and feeling of belonging.   

About us

Our school is beautiful, clean and sophisticated, where we learn everything that is useful to make a better future with our hands and hands

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